Are Lightning Headphones Being Unfairly Ignored?

Are Lightning Headphones Being Unfairly Ignored?

So it’s been a while now since Apple made it’s big iPhone 7 announcement much to the surprise of many (but not everyone) that it would be removing the traditional headphone jack from its new iPhones. It seemed the universe was going to collapse.

However, to prevent the universe from ACTUALLY collapsing, Apple teased consumers with a brand new listening experience; Airpods.

In reality, Airpods just use Bluetooth tech, which has been used for wireless headphones like Beats and Sony for quite a while now, however Apple has developed a special chip to make the experience a little more enjoyable.

The Airpods distracted some, and others ignored them but still immediately jumped to what other types of Bluetooth headsets other companies currently have for sale.

But it seems while people either split their attention between Bluetooth and outrage, it seems not many seemed to consider the possibilities that Lightning cable equipped headphones might bring to their ears.

One presence did have a bit of foresight and has been ecstatic about this new tech. The visionaries are the people behind The site is 100% dedicated to exploring new Lightning-enabled headphones and earbuds. While everyone is in a hooplah over Bluetooth and Airpods, Lightning Cans is looking at how the world of high end audio is about to be turned upside down because of this new connector type.

Some big name brands have already embraced the new tech. Quality manufacturer Philips has had a Lightning connected pair of headphones for use on iPads for quite a while now. Here is their promo video for their Fidelio cans:

Does this video make you excited about this new tech? It sure gets us excited, much more than crappy Bluetooth headsets that’s for sure!

This brings us back to the original topic of this article. Why the heck has Apple, and most of the tech blogosphere for that matter, been so wrapped up in outrage or love of Bluetooth while not looking at the amazing possibilities Apples Lightning tech brings to the market?

Sure, perhaps these new types of headphone simply haven’t had their day in the limelight to be fully appreciated. Maybe people need a few months to get over the shock of losing their analog headphone port, they need some time to play with the new phone and research all the cool accessories they can purchase to accompany it.

In the end though, we feel like Apple kind of missed a huge opportunity to play up what is a truly amazing tech. Fortunately though, websites like Lightning Cans are there to save the day with their in-depth coverage of this inspiring new technology.

We’d like to hear from you! Do you have the new iPhone 7? Or are you holding on to your 6s because you don’t want to go Bluetooth? Maybe you are an audiophile eagerly awaiting this new HD tech. Whatever it is, whatever type of music you prefer to listen to, drop us a comment or message and let us know what you think of this all. We want to hear it!

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